The Best Halo Titles Available on the Xbox Live Arcade

A strategy game is usually a game where the players’ individual, and often collective, decision-making abilities have an importance in determining the results. In most strategy games, the players are required to follow a predetermined path through the game, often dictated by a series of pre-established objectives. However, the nature of these games gives them additional features, such as the possibility of changing the existing path through a careful manipulation of the environment. Most strategy games involve very high tactical awareness and require deep, often-realistic thinking. They are also popular among those who enjoy a challenge, as most require a considerable amount of skill to master. They can be highly addictive, however, so the usual advice about not getting too carried away should be heeded. Most win-win casino! Manage to collect your winnings!

The most popular strategy game is probably Red Alert. Developed by Cryptic Studios, it is perhaps the best known strategy game. With its single-action, text-based gameplay, and its clever artificial intelligence, Red Alert 2 is probably the best-designed strategy game ever made. As it is, though, the only “flawless” strategy game; its simple structure and lack of difficult decisions (such as those present in the case of the original Red Alert) make it easy for players to become bored with it rather quickly.

Two other popular strategies are City Builders and Age of War. Both are similar, with the player acting as the ruler of a nation, choosing various aspects of that government, developing their civilization, and then engaging in conflicts with or against other civilizations. In City Builders, on the other hand, you act as a builder, creating various structures for your city. The technology you gain in the game allows you to create towers that can destroy enemy units and collect resources for your civilization. As in Red Alert 2, resources are used up very quickly, so you must always be aware of how many buildings you have and what to do with them.

The final strategy game to mention is Homestead. Like City Builders, it is available as an “all-in-one” strategy game with both city building and warfare features. However, the different paths in Homestead give it a truly different feel. In Homestead, your goal is to build your civilization into dominance, spreading your civilization across the four seasons and unlocking new technologies along the way. Unlike in the previous games in the series, in Homestead you do not have an option to build additional towns. Once your city has grown to a certain size, you are forced to build outlying settlements to provide food and shelter.

The third strategy game we’ll discuss is Xcom 2: The Normandy invasion. Long time Xcom fans will appreciate the evolution of this classic strategy game. In Xcom 2: The Normandy Invasion, you act as one of the leaders of the allied forces in order to protect your home base from the ultra advanced Xel’page colony. This is further fueled by you form an alliance with the Resistance, fighting off waves of troops sent from the Xel’naga. Although the story is brief, there is a lot to keep you entertained, especially if you have played the first game as well as the subsequent ones in the series.

The fourth in our list of great strategy games for Xbox 360 is Halo Reach. After the events of the last game, the Reach colony has been attacked by the Covenant. Your role in the conflict is to stop the Covenant and clear Reach of their presence. In each level you’ll encounter different alien races and classes of enemy, each with special abilities to fight against and some with annoying allies to deal with. On every level you’ll also be faced with an endless supply of Halo Swords, which can be converted into powerful weapons in the level campaign, which can further improve your arsenal for combating the Covenant. This strategy game adds some much needed variety to an otherwise predictable game with a familiar story.

In fifth we find that the leader of the galaxy, the Emperor of Reach, is busy putting together a new empire and sending out spacers from his Imperial starship to attack the other empires of the known galaxy. If you’ve played previous Halo games you know that mastering the use of shields and weaponry will make you a formidable foe in the combat but mastering the strategies involved in earning the high score you can get will also make you a formidable opponent in the ultimate battle. Halo Reach offers some of the best strategy game experiences to be had in the Xbox LIVE Arcade, whether you prefer a turn-based strategy game or a more active style of game where you’ll be hurrying around trying to capture the various objectives and missions available to you.

In sixth we have another sci-fi themed strategy game that comes from Microsoft. You’re in the future, and your job is to prevent the remnants of the Covenant from taking over the galaxy. Your mission is not to shoot your enemies, but rather, you have to think about what they are going to do, then do it. If you make some mistakes, you will have to reload and try again, until you can get your tactics just right. This is one of the better Halo titles, in many regards, that have been developed for the Xbox Live Arcade.