Four Word Thinkers

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What’s in the Box?
– 26 A-Z lasercut letter tiles
– 26 lasercut A-Z cards
– instructions.

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How To Play

Play in Rounds – each round comprises four “grabs”, where players strategically grab a single letter tile. At the end of exactly four rounds, players reveal the word(s) they made.
Setup: At the start of each round, randomly scatter all the letter tiles face up between the players. Shuffle the cards and place face down in a draw pile. Designate a scorekeeper and a end-of-game target score, for example, 100 points.
Game Play: Each player picks up a single letter tile and a secret letter card. The tile remains face up, while the card is held in secret. Go around four times until each player has exactly four tiles and four letters, at which time words are revealed and scored.

Play Strategically: Since the letter tiles of each player remain exposed, you might eventually be able to guess the word a player is making. If so, you may want to grab a tile of value to that player, usually when you have enough letters to form a word.
Value your letters: Form words with your highest-value letters for maximize points.
Less letters ‐ more challenging: Since each round depletes letter tiles, you will constantly have to think ahead to plan your words.
More players ‐ more challenging: When more people are playing, available letters are depleting faster. Play like you won’t get the letter(s) you need.

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Score one word only (TRUE):

Score two words CROW & FILE:
Bonus scoring:


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